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Whether you are looking to get in shape, learning to defend yourself standing up or surviving the ground our Krav Maga instructors are here to serve you. We’ve seen it help countless students over the years. Brown's Leadership Krav Maga serves the greater Fayetteville, NC area. Servicing and supporting our local community members, law enforcement and military members.

Master Michael Brown

Instructor/Owner Michael Brown

Chief Master Michael Brown is an eighth degree black belt in Taekwondo and a certified instructor in Krav Maga. He is a two time world champion in sparring and a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps. Chief Master Brown has been working with families and training people in personal defense in North Carolina for over 25 years. Leadership Krav Maga under the tutelage of Chief Master Brown was the first school in North Carolina certified under Krav Maga World Wide.

He and his wife, Chief Master Kimberly Brown are advocates for children and are passionate about them becoming responsible leaders in their communities. They recognize the trauma to families brought on by bullying and prepare their students to handle these situations. They use training in the life skills of discipline, courtesy, respect and self control to help their students to become confident and successful children inside the classroom and out.

Chief Master Brown and his wife also work with military personnel to enhance their hand to hand combat skills and battle readiness all to improve their safety and overall job performance. They also train law enforcement and civilians to develop the skills that will enable them to be the “First Responders” for their families.

Why Choose Brown's Leadership Krav Maga?

We regularly have students transferring in from other schools, because of job placements and Military orders. When we have a student moving away from the area we try to match them up with a new school. We recommend that our students look for 4 things when selecting a new school.

1. An established history in the community for 10 years if possible as so many schools close within the 1st few years of operation it is important to pick a school that will be here for the long run. Leadership Martial Arts and Masters Michael & Kimberly Brown have been operating schools in NC for over 20 years.

2. Make sure the instructors are Certified as instructors not just black belts as black belt means expert practitioner you also need someone who is trained to share that expert knowledge with others. At Leadership Martial Arts all of our instructors are Internationally Certified through the ATA and Krav Maga Worldwide and they complete no less than 300 training hours learning instruction in addition to their curriculum to become black belts.

3. Make sure the school has National or International accreditation. So that when you earn a Black Belt it will carry some weight outside of your own school. The Leadership Martial Arts schools are all sanctioned by the ATA, the largest martial arts organization in the US with over 1000 locations.

4. Make sure the school you choose focuses on the development of the individual not just competition and winning trophies. Now there is nothing wrong with competition. In fact we have two World Champions here on our staff at Leadership Martial Arts, but your goals come first whether that is developing confidence, discipline, fitness, self defense or even job performance on the battlefield. We are here to help you achieve your goals of success. Thank you for visiting the LMA website and we look forward to having you in class soon.

The Benefits of Learning Krav Maga

  1. The ability to defend yourself in a highly effective and simple manner in any kind of situation, including harassment and threat on the streets. We cannot behave like ostriches and bury our heads in the sand to ignore the reality of the threat in the world these days. Krav Maga will enable you to remain safe and even help your fellow man.
  2. Becoming fit and in shape in a short span of time. Krav Maga is physically very demanding and will help you lose that excess weight, acquire lean muscle, tone your body, improve your strength, flexibility, stamina and make you feel and look invincible.
  3. Help you manage stress by reducing the tendency to feel fearful and anxious. Krav Maga teaches you how to survive stressful situations while also teaching you how to function under pressure. It develops toughness both internally and externally. It is a great stress buster due to its high-energy requirement.
  4. Will help you improve your self-confidence through developing your instincts and making you fit. Krav Maga instructors always keep you motivated and make you achieve your desired goals, which in turn is a great confidence booster.
  5. Krav Maga is one of the most popular and effective contact combat systems that are both simple and effective. Used by the defense and police forces in Israel and even in the USA, it is the most relevant self-defense module that you can opt for.
  6. Learning the art form of Krav Maga is very exciting and enjoyable. It is new learning experience that is miles away from boring structured sessions, rituals and uniforms.
  7. The basis of any kind of discipline is self-control and Krav Maga teaches you just that. Through regular training, you will achieve the power to control your mind and body in a way that was never possible before. As movements become more and more reflexive, the focus is entirely brought to the control of the mind that manifests itself in all the other areas of your life.

Our Martial Arts Team Takes Great Pride In The Reviews We Receive

See What Our Community Members Say About Our Programs

D. Steele

Very friendly and well-educated staff. Great mentors, discipline and instruction. Absolutely the best!

K. Clawges-Griffin

The best Martial Arts facility in the area. Leadership and self defense taught! Senior Masters Browns are the best and highly recommended for both adults and children. Children can start as Tiny Tigers which gives them self control at an early age. Instructors are well versed in Taekwondo... Fighting ATA!!!

L. Morgan

Great place excellent instructors. They are building strong and respectful leader's out of our youth so the can excel in life events. Thanks to the Browns.